Definiton of a Mogul:

A very powerful and influential person in a business or industry. Power derived from experience and skill, not popularity (most celebrities, while called moguls are in fact not). ~ Urban Dictionary


Do you have a passion about a business idea you came up with or a company you want to start but you can’t seem to get the project off the ground?  Have you tried (unsuccessfully) to quiet that dream and/or put that idea on the back burner only to have it haunt your thoughts or wake you in the middle of the night demanding fulfillment?  I completely understand the “idea that would not die!”  It continues to call us higher into the destiny that was preset for us and what I found is… There is no escape!

In 2011, I finally stopped fighting back against the reality of a dream that needed energy, motivation, intent, and hard work to bring into fruition.  I gave myself totally to that endeavor and and eventually, Mogulvation were born.

To the new entreprenuer and those of you who are still in the dream state, I say this… You Can Do It!!  As a first time entreprenuer, it’s scary to think about starting a new business or you may be ready to go but need help with the initial steps.  I’m not here to mislead you, it really is hard work and especially if your resources include “just you.”  The balance of maintaining life while creating a new one is excruciating at best.

You don’t have to do it alone!  Isn’t that good news? If you don’t want to go it alone, avail yourself of the services on this website, follow me on social media, and let’s take that frst step together!  I would love to hear from you so keep in touch!

                                              I was once afraid of people saying “Who does she think she is?”                                              Now I have the courage to stand and say “This is who I AM.” – Oprah

LaNée Javet: Mogul. Redefined.

Learn more about this mogul business woman, motivator, speaker, author, and single mom to a teenage son. She has a passion for elevating individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to their mogul stature.

As a mogul in her own right, she is not only a Mogul Catalyst for herself, but also for others who want to see their lives and businesses transformed for growth and success.


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“I’ve been following LaNée Javet via CulSire for several years now. She’s an inspiration and example that I too can build and live out my dream.” 

LaNée is great. I’ve never had anyone so thrilled about pouring into me and my business.
LaTishia Jordan, Nashville, Learning
LaNée has a lucid and deep understanding on what it takes to properly structure a business for growth. She has and continues to deliver business information that is clearly needed in our community. Keep up the good work LaNee! Looking forward to working on more growth with our companies.
Granison Shines, Blue Flame Cigar Society
LaNée is the TRUTH!!! She is knowledgeable, personable and genuine. She has a true gift in motivating moguls!
Kendra Edwards-Waters, I CAN
She’s the bomb dot com! Knows everything necessary to strategically build a business.
Lauren Varlack, Visionary Stationery
Working with LaNée Javet is a unique and motivating experience. Not only does she have a wealth of ideas to improve your business; but she truly gets into the nuts & bolts of your business to help bring those ideas to life.
Montoya Smith, Mental Dialogue


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